About Us

Northern Auction Service

Our Approach

Northern Auction Service Inc., was established in 2003. We are owned and operated by Kenneth A. P. Vierimaa, Auctioneer.

Ken graduated from the ‘Southwestern Ontario School of Auctioneering’ in 1997.

We have full-time experienced employees and we hold our auctions at Sherwood Hume Auctions, 9313 4th Line, MILTON, ON L9T 2X9.

When consigning your items with us, we will set them up at our warehouse, advertise on our web site with pictures and in some instances, we will advertise / market ‘specialty auctions/sales’ in the local papers.

We have increased our ‘regular customer’ base to approx. 600+ and continue to do so on a weekly basis. We always have a few more new customers register with us every week, from all walks of lives and from all over Ontario.

We are in business to help our consignors sell their merchandise; whether, they are private individuals, large corporations, landlords, freight & storage companies or businesses that are closing down or moving. Our job is to help them sell, using our auction services.

Depending on the size of the auction, we assemble the team necessary to get the job done. This can range from a single auctioneer to a large team who advertise, organize, conduct and complete the entire sale.

Our success is measured by completing the job – selling the merchandise to satisfied buyers, collecting the money, paying our consignors and our team – in as short a time frame as possible. Selling by auction, is a fast method to turn all of your assets into cash. We have regular weekly auctions and we can also schedule an auction date of your preference. We will advertise your items, in a timely manner and this will bring motivated buyers from the greater Toronto area and further, to our auction.

We strive to do our very best to make sure you are happy with the results of your auction.

A few questions to ask before choosing an Auctioneer or Auction House…

1. Do you have a track record for selling and returning the funds to the consignors? We do!

We have sold over $1,000,000.00 since being in business. We pay our consignors within a seven (7) business day period. It is definitely a strange situation to leave your valuables with someone or a company which you are not familiar with. We are in a permanent location and have been dealing with the same companies/consignors for years.

2. Do you have an established customer base?

We do! (Well over 600+).

3. Do you have an auction warehouse to conduct auctions on a regular basis?

We do! (Approx. 5,000sq. ft.).

4. Do you knowledgeable staff?

We do! All of our staff have years of experience and are registered with Revenue Canada as employees of Northern Auction Service Inc.

5. Do you offer a consultation at no charge to discuss auction needs and how best you & your company can serve us?

We do!

6. Do you have the necessary equipment to handle ‘On-Site’ Auctions, ie: wireless sound system, wireless bank/debit machine, signs, etc.,?

We do!
7. Do you offer customers the option to pay with Cash, Debit/Interac and a major Credit Card at your auction?

We do!
8. Are you fully computerized? Do you offer computerized registering, clerking & cashiering?

We do!

9. Do you offer a complete itemized listing w/pricing to the Consignor (person who sold their items by auction)?

We do!

10. Do you have references available upon request?

We do!

11. Lastly, but not least, you & only you, have one chance for a profitable, successful auction; that is, by contacting
Northern Auction Service Inc.

On A Personal Note
I would not be able to talk about our company without thanking the man whose influence directed me into the auction business. When I was growing up in northern Ontario, I always heard about the magic and excitement of auctions from my Uncle, Ken Vierimaa Sr.

My Uncle Ken talked about the different things he had purchased over the years at auctions. I was always fascinated by his stories. Little did I know at the time that I would find a career in the auction business and eventually start my own auction company.
In the early 1990s, needing work, I moved down to Southern Ontario where Uncle Ken introduced me to an auction company and happily, they offered me a job. I was instantly captivated by the whole auction process – meeting the people who sell merchandise and learning about their reasons for selling; meeting the many and varied buyers of merchandise and seeing their pleasure at finding just what they wanted.

My fascination turned into a career and in 2003, Northern Auction Service Inc. was born. For me it is a labour of love.
Thanks Uncle Ken for starting me on this journey. May you rest in peace.

Ken Vierimaa
Owner / Auctioneer
– helping sellers to find buyers –