Sell Your Personal Items by Auction.

We offer a full range of auction services, are you looking for an outlet for your merchandise? We could be what you are looking for.

* We charge a commission on all merchandise and the remaining portion is paid to the consignor (owner of products).
* We are a full-time Auction company.
* We always recommend attending the Auction to get an idea on how the Auction process works, this diverts from over explaining the process, just attend the auction and you will realize that you are at a live auction.
* We are able to do short notice auctions; we also have weekend auctions when necessary.
* Our location is easily accessed from all areas of the GTA & the majority of our customers are from the GTA.
* We have been holding live auctions for over seven (7) years and we are very proud to be dealing with many of the same consignors and suppliers during these years. And, of course, our customer base is constantly expanding.
* Before starting Northern Auction Service Inc., the owner, was an auctioneer at another auction company for approximately ten (10) years.
* There are some other great Auction companies; you could possibly already be dealing with them but, if you are looking for another outlet in a great location contact us and keep your merchandise moving. As we all know, the longer your products sit; the costs of storage, handling and depreciation all add up.
* We do not automatically accept items for Auction; this is a business with expenses and consignors wanting a return on their product. So, when the auction process works for both the consignor and the auction company; we proceed.

A few questions to ask before choosing an Auctioneer or Auction house….

1. Do you have a track record for selling and returning the funds to the consignors? We do! We have sold over $1,000,000.00 since being in business. We take our commission and pay our consignors within a seven (7) business day period. It is definitely a strange situation to leave your valuables with someone or a company which you are not familiar with. We are in a permanent location and have been dealing with the same companies/consignors for years.

2. Do you have an established customer base? We do! (Well over 600+).

3. Do you have an auction warehouse to conduct auctions on a regular basis? We do!

4. Do you have knowledgeable staff? We do! All of our staff have years of experience and are registered with Revenue Canada as employees of Northern Auction Service Inc.

5. Do you offer a consultation at no charge to discuss auction needs and how best you & your company can serve us? We do!

6. Do you have the necessary equipment to handle ‘On-Site’ Auctions, ie: computers, printers, wireless sound system, signs, etc.,? We do!

7. Do you offer customers the option to pay with Cash, Debit/Interac and a major Credit Card at your auction? We do!

8. Are you fully computerized? Do you offer computerized registering, clerking & cashiering? We do!

9. Do you offer a complete itemized listing w/pricing to the Consignor, person who sold their items by auction? We do!

10. Do you have references available upon request? We do!

Last, but not least, you & only you, have one chance for a profitable, successful auction; that is, by contacting Northern Auction Service Inc.
If you have any questions or need further explanation, please do not hesitate to call us at (905)781-1969 or 1(519)355-0575.

Remember, it’s free to ask questions; but, it costs money sending your merchandise to the wrong auction company. If necessary, please leave a detailed message and be assured that we will contact you within 24 hours. Contact us today, sell tomorrow.

For results that will surprise you…..please visit Northern Auction Service Inc.