“Are you looking for an Auction company to sell your products? We have over 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse space with an Auction EVERY Thursday.

Owner / Operator
Northern Auction Service Inc.

“Our company recently cleared one of our buildings by using the service of Northern Auction. The building had over a hundred skids of flower pots, gardening supplies and other miscellaneous items. We needed the building cleared in a short time frame in order to lease it out. Ken and his experienced staff came in, held the auction and cleared the entire building. By choosing the Auction route to clear our building we were able to save thousands in disposal costs. Once again, thank you for a job well done.”

Property Manager

“I have storage units full of product which we sell at trade shows and flea markets. We have decided that we really don’t want to spend all these hours sitting/working the booths. So, we have been sending merchandise to Northern Auction Service on a weekly basis. This decision has worked out great & continues to work for us as we can save our weekends for family & friends while Northern Auction Service turns our merchandise into cash. What a great way to sell your items.”


“I currently own a liquidation with a great variety of items. Lately, due to lack of customers I have been sending a variety of items to Northern Auction to sell. With their customer base, they always return a fair value on the items. It’s been a great outlet for our company to try and generate some income.”

Liquidation Centre

“Northern Auction has always been honest, reliable and professional in their business dealings and I would recommend them to anyone considering using their services.”

Major Freight Company
Claims Manager
“We were very hesitant to attend an auction because the ones we have been to always force you to remove your items that same night/day. I finally gave in, and attended Northern Auction; where I purchased a bedroom set. Northern did not have a problem storing my bedroom set until I was able to arrange a rental truck, which was approximately a couple of days later. Thank you, Ken & your staff.”

S.G. & E.G.
“We enjoy going to the auction and actually look forward to it. We try to get there every chance we get. We have even introducted our friends to the auction and they loved it. Everyone is great and make us feel right at home. As Kenny would say, “I’m feeling the love.” Keep up the great work, see you all next time.”

Liz & Kevin Madden
“We love going to Northern Auctions! We did go to other auctions but we have found it better and much friendlier at Northern. It’s nice to go each week and see the regular people that also attend the auction. Lots of friendships have formed just be going. The auctioneer whose name is Kenny, is friendly and humourous. The staff are also friendly and helpful. We’d recommend you attend just once…guaranteed, you’ll be back.”

Nancy & Lisa
“We’ve attended other auctions and have noticed that they only sell items once it reaches a ‘certain’ price. Is that an auction or a store? At Northern Auction, we know that the highest bid owns the item. Honesty & Integrity!”

F.B. & B.B.
“At other auctions that we attend, we’ve noticed the same items week after week until they sell for the price which the auction company wants/requires; that is not an auction.”

C.C. & S.C.
“Northern is the BEST auction; they do not drag the auction. They’re fast and quick at Northern…SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!”

M.K. & L.K.
“My husband and I just love attending Northern’s auctions every Thursday. It has become a tradition for us.”

L.L. & E.L.
“I have noticed that many other auction companies misrepresent what they are selling. At Northern, they do their best at describing the items. Thanks.”


“The variety of items Northern sells is amazing. Northern, you are the best!
Keep it up!”

A.A. & K.A.

“Are there really any other auctions left anymore? Every auction is like a seizure sale at Northern. They sell so fast that the auction was over before I even noticed.”

S.C. & A.C.